Butterfly and Related Links

"The Norfolk Botanical Garden Bristow Butterfly Garden".  The 2-acre Bristow Butterfly Garden provides a habitat to attract and support butterflies and moths during all stages of their life cycle. Within the garden you will find a swallowtail and monarch nursery, nectar garden, moonlight garden and butterfly bush collection.

"The Virginia Zoo Butterfly Garden"- nature-friendly gardening practices encourage the butterfly garden to flourish without poisoning its guests.

"The Butterfly House" - shares basic tips on creating surefire gardens for attracting butterflies.

"U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Great Dismal Swamp" - very good site on the Great Dismal Swamp.

"Monarch Watch - Butterfly Gardening" - a teacher's guide to creating a school garden.

"The Butterfly Website"  This site describes itself as "a complete guide to butterflies".

"University of Kentucky - How to Make a Butterfly Garden"  This site provides a basic guide to plants.

"North American Butterfly Association" is an informative site through the North American Butterfly Association.  It has many menu choices.  What do you call a group of butterflies?  Look at the web site for the answer!

"United States Department of Agriculture".  Need information on plants? Visit this site for useful information, pictures, or download a plant checklist.  Lots of data here.

"The Williamsburg Botanlical Garden".  Provides a habitat to attract and support butterflies and moths during all stages of their life cycle.

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