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Zebra Swallowtail

                Education - Study and learn more about butterflies and moths.  Raise the general consciousness of the survival problems of butterflies and moths through publicity, programs and activities for both adults and children.

                Conservation   - Promote butterfly and moth conservation, including conservation of habitat and host and nectar gardens. 

               Gardening - Encourage the planting of butterfly and moth host and nectar plants in home and public gardens. 

               Volunteering  - Support the butterfly gardens and programs of the Norfolk Botanical Garden, the Virginia Zoological Park, and other appropriate organizations throughout the State.

The Butterfly Society of Virginia,   Inc.

Officers and Board

President Pat Quinn
Vice President Paul Oettel
Secretary Lauren Tafoya
Treasurer Charles Owusu
Directors (1 year)

Maurice Cullen

Steve & Karen McCurdy

Directors (2 years)

Sandi Flora

Karon P. Hardy

BJ Taylor

E-mail newsletter/bulletin Melissa Sheffield
Circulation Chairperson Marie Thierjung
Field Trip Coordinators Ruth Burch and Maryella Mitchell
Historian Jean Ford
Membership Chairperson Sue Barton Harris
Publicity Manager Danae Rodriguez
Refreshment Chairperson Paul Oettel
Educational Coordinator Judy Hinch
Volunteer Coordinator Sue Barton Harris
Social Media/Website Manager Karon P. Hardy
Technology Intern John Kielbowicz

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