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Education - Study and learn more about butterflies and moths. Raise the general consciousness of the survival problems of butterflies and moths through publicity, programs and activities for both adults and children.

Conservation - Promote butterfly and moth conservation, including conservation of habitat and host and nectar gardens.

Gardening - Encourage the planting of butterfly and moth host and nectar plants in home and public gardens.

Volunteering - Support the butterfly gardens and programs of the Norfolk Botanical Garden and other appropriate organizations throughout the State.

1992 thru 1994

First meeting of the Society at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, leading to the currently more than 250 members in Virginia and the eastern U.S.  Initiated Virginia butterfly license plate, available through the State Division of Motor Vehicles.  Held the first butterfly garden tour (in Virginia Beach) in 1993, and a butterfly family festival in 1994, each with a plant sale.  Thus started a tradition of hosting summer events with plant sales for the public, usually one each year.  Thousands of adults and children have enjoyed these tours, festivals and plant sales. 

1995 thru 2001

Butterfly festivals and garden tours have continued, each with a plant sale.  The most recent butterfly festival, in August 2001, was held for the second time at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  This festival included Bristow Garden tours, children's activities, educational talks, displays, sales of butterfly related items, and of course, a plant sale

2002 thru 2009

In 2002 the Society first posted its website.   On July 14, 2009 the Butterfly Society partnered with the Norfolk Botanical Garden assisting with its Butterfly House. This project was initially just a one-year trial, but has been proven so popular that it will continue. Another ongoing relationship is with the Virginia Beach Master Gardeners, participating in their Fall Plant Sale every September at Virginia Tech's Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center. 

2010 and Beyond

The Society became more fully digitized in Fall 2011, when it went on Facebook and Twitter.  It further was hurtled into the electronic age in Winter 2014 when for the first time ever, credit cards were accepted for Society purchases. The Society will continue striving to expand on our goals of butterfly education, conservation, gardening and volunteering.  Yearly butterfly events and plant sales continue to be in planning such as the spring sale, first at the Francis Land House and now at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market, in progress since 2012, as well as the annual Butterfly Festival at Norfolk Botanical Garden and other educational programs and activities. There is much to look forward to for the many adults and children who have enjoyed and benefited from the activities of the Butterfly Society of Virginia.

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